Gibraltar Companies

Incorporating Gibraltar companies is what we do best. It is, in essence the hub of everything we do. Without Gibraltar companies, we cannot offer all of our other specialized services that surround these entities.

Whether you have an existing company, and wish to set up a Gibraltar company to add to this structure, or are looking for a completely fresh, stand alone Gibraltar company, we can help.

Incorporation of a new company takes around 1 week, from us receiving all the necessary KYC documents required to fulfil our compliance obligation and payment for our services.

We cannot guarantee the name of your choice will be available, but we will carry out a free name check if you contact us enquiring about our services.

If you do not desire a specific name for your company, we may have pre-formed companies, known as Shelf companies, which can be of use if there are stricter timescales for the incorporation.

On the whole, most Gibraltar companies are very similar, although they are used for a wide range of uses and businesses. Companies are often broken down into two  categories:

“Non-resident company” is a company that is incorporated in Gibraltar, and owned, managed, and controlled by non-residents. The company status is legally supported by the Gibraltar Companies Ordinance, but does not physically trade, or accrue assessable income in Gibraltar.

“Non-resident companies” pay only annual duty, and is not subject to local corporate tax in Gibraltar. They do not have to have an individual trading address in Gibraltar, but must maintain a local registered office with a local corporate secretary, in order to comply with local law.

Resident companies are companies incorporated, based and physically trading in Gibraltar. This means they are usually liable for corporation tax in Gibraltar.

To qualify as resident the company must have its own trading address within Gibraltar, and must obtain a trade license stating they are physically trading in Gibraltar – We can assist with this application.

Although this can be costlier than the non-resident option, many clients prefer to use resident companies where merchant facilities and e-commerce are concerned, as many merchant providers now refuse to work with non-resident companies.

If you are considering a merchant facility in the name of your Gibraltar company, you should make this clear when contacting us, and discuss with our team, any specifically desired merchant provider, which we may be able to assist with.

It is important that our clients understand that we are NOT tax advisers, and that all clients should consult with a qualified professional on all matters relating to tax obligations, prior to proceeding with any incorporation or services.